Recruiting FAQ

Q: Is it true that if I'm good enough college coaches will find me?

A: With most programs having limited recruiting budgets the chances of being seen by more than a handful of college coaches are slim. Our program is designed to get you in front of hundreds of college coaches to give you an edge over the thousands of high school athletes vying for scholarships.

Q: Will college coaches discover me in camps, tournaments and combines?

A: Most college coaches attend these events with a list of student athletes they plan to evaluate, not with the hopes of discovering prospects. You need to be proactive in getting your name and athletic achievements in front of coaches prior to these events. College coaches depend on verified information from reliable sources about prospects.

Q: Will my High School coach be able to get me a scholarship?

A: The average high school coach has contact with fewer than five college coaches and most of them are local. Student-athletes and their families are ultimately responsible for connecting with college coaches. Don't eliminate 99% of your options by relying solely on your high school coach. Take ownership of your effort. Show as much desire in the recruiting process as you do in your sport!

Q: When should I start the recruiting process?

A: As soon as you realize you want to play in college. College coaches are recruiting earlier and earlier. More than 65% of college coaches prefer to start targeting prospects during the sophomore year or earlier. It also depends on the sport and the division in which the school competes. Some prospects are targeted in 7th and 8th grade. Recruiting is competitive and scholarship money is limited and the more competitive the program, the earlier the recruiting begins. The key is not to wait too long. It is not impossible to receive a scholarship if you wait until your senior year, but the options are definitely more limited.