Our Mission

Athlete YOUniversity puts you in contact with college coaches and scholarship opportunities. We're the only athletic scholarship assistance program that takes time to talk to college coaches to understand their recruiting needs. We don’t take in every athlete. Athlete YOUniversity's #1 priority is to prepare athletes for the recruiting process and connect deserving athletes with college coaches willing to invest into their education.

Parents, don’t be fooled. It's your responsibility to make sure your son or daughter gets the right amount of exposure, guidance and navigation through the very complex and ever changing NCAA/NAIA recruiting process. Athletes get one chance to do this right. There are no redo's in this industry. It is imperative to have a professional that knows how to navigate around pitfalls and how to boost athletes' stock with the college coaches. Coaches, counselors and teachers have hundreds of students to manage and little time to assist in the recruiting process for individual student athletes. It is an absolute necessity in today's recruiting world to have a professional recruiting coordinator.