There are a lot of talented athletes, but to compete in college you have to be a student-athlete.

Sometimes being a tremendous athlete isn’t enough to land a college scholarship. Some student-athletes find themselves sidelined even after years of hard work training for their sport. It isn’t because they aren’t talented enough to compete at the college level, but because they are academically ineligible.

The NCAA and NAIA each have Eligibility requirements for a student-athlete to be able to compete in his or her respective sport. Just recently the NCAA increased the minimum core GPA to 2.3 from a previous standard of 2.0. Test scores also factor into eligibility status of student athletes. It is important to understand these guidelines to make sure you are doing all you need to in the classroom as well on the field to give yourself the best opportunity to play and be successful at the next level.

Know the Eligibility Requirements:

NCAA Eligibility
NAIA Eligibility